Process Modeling


BIC Process Design

If you're looking to improve your process performance, then you're in the right place. With BIC Process Design, you can increase your efficiency by up to 40%. Companies worldwide rely on our software because it allows them to have complete control over all their processes in one tool.

One of the key features of BIC Process Design is its simple process modeling capabilities. You can quickly create an optimal basis for professional process and quality management with our software solution. Whether you're an administrator, modeler, or business user, you'll find the tool easy to navigate and use. We offer an extensive set of notations for you to choose from, so you can start modeling your processes directly.

Another great aspect of our software is the absolute process transparency it provides. With the modern designed process portal, you can communicate information directly to the entire company. All employees have easy access to all the information they need, thanks to personalized dashboards. Our software also ensures best-in-class traceability, even for the most complex business processes.

Maintaining control over your process landscape is crucial, and BIC Process Design makes it easy. You can use automated approval workflows to comply with all quality standards and avoid manual checks for recurring and routine processes. We also help you comply with all internal and external requirements by defining responsibilities and ensuring audit-compliant management.

With BIC Process Design, you can create a central repository for your documents and connect them directly to your modeled processes. This reduces the complexity of your information management and eliminates time-consuming searches. You can quickly and easily maintain your documents and ensure they are managed, reviewed, and approved in an audit-compliant manner.

Now let's talk about the benefits of using BIC Process Design. By building a digital process landscape with our software, you can improve efficiency, increase profits, and realize digital transformation. You'll be able to save valuable time with shorter cycle times and automated approvals, manage your resources wisely, and ensure more efficient workflows. Our software also helps you maintain process quality with standardized processes and respond quickly to changing requirements, improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, you can make your business processes leaner, achieve greater profitability, and reduce error rates by automating routine workflows.

Many companies still use simple graphics programs to depict their business processes, but with BIC Process Design, you can take your process management to a whole new level. Our software allows you to model, analyze, and optimize your workflows in a targeted and continuous way. Build a digital process landscape that covers your entire organization and keeps your processes under control at all times.

Experience the power of BIC Process Design for yourself by testing it out for free. Request a demo now and see how our software can help you achieve directly measurable results like lower process costs, more accurate targeting, more efficient processes, improved compliance, and ultimately, satisfied employees.