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BIC Process Execution 


A powerful tool for process automation with zero code. Many companies around the world trust BIC to automate their processes quickly and efficiently. With BIC Process Execution, you can streamline your processes by up to 50%, saving valuable time and resources. One of the key features of BIC Process Execution is its simplicity. You can automate your processes easily, with no coding required. The intuitive drag-and-drop modeling allows you to create workflows effortlessly. Additionally, the easy-to-use form editor lets you create digital forms in seconds, ensuring fast data capture. BIC Process Execution also offers great flexibility. You can create an unlimited number of processes and choose from numerous process templates to get started right away. Integration with third-party systems is seamless with BIC Process Execution. Thanks to its robust plug-in framework, you can easily integrate a variety of systems, expanding the capabilities of your automation even further.

If you're looking to reduce repetitive tasks, BIC Process Execution has you covered. You can extend process automation with RPA, reducing manual work to a minimum. This leads to optimal interaction between humans, IT systems, bots, and data, ensuring seamless and end-to-end automation.

Keeping track of your processes is crucial, and BIC Process Execution helps you do just that. Its extensive process monitoring feature allows you to monitor performance and keep an eye on the progress of each business transaction. This way, you can identify weaknesses and bottlenecks and make targeted process improvements. Team collaboration is made easy with BIC Process Execution's collaborative features, reducing information leakage and facilitating efficient collaboration. Are you eager to experience the power of BIC Process Execution? You can test it for free by requesting a demo. BIC Process Execution has been recognized for its excellence. It enables you to create and implement digital workflows up to 10 times faster compared to traditional manual processes. By automating your workflows, you can achieve significant progress in the digital transformation of your business. The benefits of BIC Process Execution are numerous. It accelerates time-to-market, allowing you to build digital apps 10 times faster without the need for coding. You can ensure regulatory compliance by implementing software bots, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

By minimizing manual operations, you can also reduce processing errors and improve the quality of your work. Additionally, BIC Process Execution helps you respond faster to customer requirements, leading to improved customer service. It also enables better work distribution, freeing up time for more value-added activities. Lastly, it reduces costs by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. But don't just take our word for it. Industry experts and professionals have already experienced the benefits of BIC Process Execution. They have praised its simplicity, flexibility, and the freedom it gives them to take automation into their own hands.