Arab Business Intelligence and GBTEC's BIC Design

Revolutionizing Quality Management
April 14, 2024 by
Ahmed Al-Saudi

In the quest for operational excellence, Arab Business Intelligence (ABI) collaborates with GBTEC to introduce "BIC Design," a vital component of the BIC Platform. This powerful solution is engineered to enhance organizational capabilities in quality management, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of industry standards. This blog post delves into the capabilities of BIC Design, explores the expertise of the Arab Business Intelligence team, and highlights their profound grasp of quality management standards and best practices.

Introducing BIC Design

BIC Design by GBTEC is a comprehensive tool integrated within the BIC Platform, specifically developed to advance quality management systems within organizations. It serves as a pivotal resource for businesses aiming to improve compliance, efficiency, and overall performance. Through its advanced features, BIC Design equips organizations with the necessary tools to excel in today's competitive market by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and strategic quality oversight.

Capabilities of BIC Design

Robust Process Modeling

BIC Design excels in process modeling, offering a visual approach to understanding, documenting, and optimizing business processes. This capability is crucial for identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, ensuring that every process aligns with quality standards and contributes to organizational goals.

Seamless Integration

As a part of the BIC Platform, BIC Design integrates smoothly with other modules, providing a unified approach to quality management. This integration facilitates a cohesive workflow, where data from various sources is consolidated, allowing for comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making.

Customization and Flexibility

Recognizing the diversity in organizational needs and challenges, BIC Design is highly customizable. This flexibility ensures that the solution can adapt to specific business requirements, supporting scalability and facilitating adjustments as the organization grows and its needs evolve.

The Expertise of Arab Business Intelligence

Arab Business Intelligence is not just a provider of technological solutions; it is a hub of expertise in the realms of business intelligence, data analysis, quality management, process automation and digital transformation. The ABI team is comprised of experts proficient in implementing quality standards such as ISO 9001, Lean Six Sigma, and others. Our strategic partnership with GBTEC enhances Our ability to deploy tailored solutions that are both innovative and aligned with international best practices.

Mastery of Quality Management Standards

The collaboration between ABI and GBTEC reflects a shared commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of quality management standards. BIC Design is built around the principles of these standards, ensuring that the solutions not only meet but exceed the rigorous requirements of regulatory compliance. The ABI team's expertise facilitates a robust implementation of BIC Design, making it a cornerstone for businesses aiming to achieve and maintain quality leadership.


Arab Business Intelligence, in partnership with GBTEC, offers a formidable tool in BIC Design, part of the broader BIC Platform, to transform quality management processes. This solution empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their quality management systems, integrating best practices and compliance into the fabric of their operations. With BIC Design, companies can expect not only to navigate the complexities of quality standards but also to drive innovation and efficiency at every turn.

Organizations seeking to enhance their quality management strategies will find a reliable ally in Arab Business Intelligence and GBTEC's BIC Design. Together, they set the stage for sustainable growth and continuous improvement in today's dynamic business environment.